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Discover wildflowers on the forest floor, showy shrubs and the small, lovely flowering trees. Creeks and streams, so clear and alive. A fresh green covers the entire landscape, mixing with colors you don't recall seeing before. And, remember, in the mountains, the weather can be changeable. Warm and sunny one day, cool and rainy the next. Come prepared!

March through May: Average high temperatures: low 60s through high 70s. Average low temperatures: low 30s through low 50s. Average rainfall: 4.5" to 5".

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Basking in the warmth of the sun on an inner tube or just relaxing next to a splashing river or creek just might be your best chance to view wildlife, especially in the mornings and evenings. Most summer rains come in the form of afternoon thunderstorms, followed by rainbows and remarkable sunsets.

June through August: Average high temperatures: mid 80s to low 90s. Average low temperatures: upper 50s to low 60s. Average rainfall: 5.5" to 6".

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The seasonal brilliance of changing colors and the memorable fragrance of a crisp autumn morning. The hues in the mountains of East Tennessee are world-famous this time of year. The days cool down in late September and early October, and fall colors march down the mountains.

You can witness a show of color at different elevations, beginning in the second week in October, up high, and on through early November, in the lower valleys. Fall color updates can be found via The Tennessee Department of Tourism's fall color hotline at 800-697-4200.

September through November: Average high temperatures: low 60s to mid 80s. Average low temperatures: mid 30s to mid 50s. Average rainfall: 3" to 3.5".

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Explore a snowy trail in the clear, quiet mountain air. Even the smallest sounds in the forest come alive, due to the completely changed environment. Usually, there are just a few falls of snow each winter in the lower elevations, but several feet fall in the high country. Be sure to check for local road conditions and possible closures.

December through February: Average high temperatures: low to mid 50s. Average low temperatures: mid 20s. Average rainfall: 4.5" to 5".

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